By GoingVC Members Jian Bland & Luigi Di Piazza

The Problem

There is a talent gap that will result in $8.5 trillion unrealized annual revenues by 2030.

  1. Automation has resulted in high growth rates at the extremes of the labor market. High-skilled/High-wage, Low-Skilled/Low-wage and a disappearing middle within the labor market.
  2. The current skilled workforce demand outpaces the current supply of skilled workers. This will be severely exacerbated in the next decade.

Market Opportunity

Decrease in supply of skilled labor available and an increase of demand for skilled labor.

Automation – Impact on Jobs

In our midpoint adoption scenario, 23% of work activities in the US are automated by 2030. The share of middle-wage jobs could decline in the next decade as the US economy adds more high-wage jobs.

Skills Demand Gap

Automation and AI could shift demand for different types of workforce skills.

Top 3 Mission Technical Skills

  1. 31% Trade Skills
  2. 20% Data Analysis/Data Science
  3. 18% Science/Engineering Medical

Top 3 Missing Soft Skills

  1. 37% Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Innovation And Creativity
  2. 32% Ability To Deal With Complexity And Ambiguity
  3. 31% Communication

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