Co-Author: Jiaxu Guo (GoingVC Cohort 7 Member)

Editor: GoingVC Team

Whether you’re a VC, angel investor, or fund manager, as the world goes even more virtual, you might be finding yourself searching for a stack of software tools to help you stay organized.

Here, we’ve put together the latest and greatest in software tools that can set you up for remote success.

1. Investor Relationship Management

As a VC, fundraising from LPs and managing those relationships using these softwares can help you stay connected as well as meeting other investors.  

  • iCapital
    • A fintech solution connecting advisors & high net worth investors to leading alternative investment managers. 
  • Altivia
    •  Deal management, investor relations, and firm operation. It can also sync with almost any tools: Slack, Dropbox, Pitchbook, Outlook.
    • The digital platform for investment analytics, data solutions, and counterparty networking for Private Capital Markets. It has a portal for LPs to log in. GP can create a dashboard through CEPRES to show the track record. The fund manager is able to track LP logins and tailor dashboard content to each LP.
  • Affinity
    • Affinity is a relationship intelligence platform built to expand and evolve the traditional CRM – an AI solution to managing your contacts and deal flow. 

2. Portfolio Companies Management

To avoid the nausea of emailing back and forth to find times that work for everyone’s schedule, we recommend using the softwares below to allow people to book time on your calendar to show the best time slots/availability for both parties. 

  • Calendly
    • Easily automate your scheduling and sharing your availability for others to book times on your calendar.
  • X.Ai
    • Integrates with CRM to help teams schedule meetings to find the best time for all parties. 
  • Feedly
    • To help you keep up with portfolio companies’ news and to organize all your online content. 

3. Metrics Tracking/Dashboards

With the following softwares, you can automate the data collection process from portfolio companies by generating forms through emails to help you standardize data format by using the platforms. 

  • iLevel
    • Automate data collection process from portfolio companies by generating forms through emails to let portfolio companies fill out.
  • Kushim
    • Deal flow tracking, portfolio companies’ metrics tracking, Pitchbook integration, email extraction, and the ability to link to calendars.

4. Industry Data/Information/Due Diligence

If you’re not already familiar with the following resources to help you with your due diligence process and gather information & trends on specific sectors or companies, we highly recommend checking out these ones. 

  • Pitchbook
    • A good tool for market research and industry reports available for download. 
  • CBInsights
    • Data on startups and funds as well as trends 
  • Tracxn
    • Competitive analysis, in-depth reports, and data on startups for deal discovery
  • Trends.VC
    • 5-minute reports on market trends and ideas

5. Monitoring/Reporting

For equity management, we recommend getting familiar with these tools as most startups are using these tools to manage their cap tables, valuations, equity plans, and investments. 

  • Carta
    • Carta helps companies and investors manage cap tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans.
  • ShareWorks
    • ShareWorks provides cap table management and 409a valuation.