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GoingVC is a multifaceted organization built around the idea of making venture capital education, investing, networks, and talent more accessible to those with the desire to succeed.

Applications for Cohort 9 are now closed.
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Our Vision is to build a Venture Capital ecosystem that is open, fair, and operating at its full potential.

What GoingVC has to Offer

Flagship Program

Our 16-week professional development program is designed to help you take the next step in your venture capital career.
Join the program to:
  • Access our robust educational curriculum, supported by leading VCs
  • Gain real-world, early-stage investment experience
  • Supercharge your VC job search
  • Develop your network through investor events and learn from VC mentors
  • Become a part of our exclusive, global VC community of 250+ members and 1000+ investors

GoingVC Angels

Our growing community of angels was conceived to help both seasoned and amateur investors gain more understanding and exposure to early-stage venture deals.
Ask to join if you’re:
  • Looking for education and guidance on the intricacies of angel investing
  • Looking for more access to early-stage opportunities from all over the world
  • Attempting to grow your network of other high net worth individuals and VC professionals
  • Interested in learning more about venture capital and angel investing in general
  • An accredited investor

GoingVC Partners

GoingVC Partners is the investment vehicle of GoingVC, backing early-stage companies across industries and geographies
Get in touch if you’re a founder looking for:
  • Access to capital and resources
  • Introductions to other VCs within our network
  • Connections to our portfolio companies
  • Access to talent
  • Assistance with marketing and promotion

Venture Capital Hiring

Our community is composed of hundreds of professionals looking to make the jump into venture capital
Get in touch if you’re:
  • A VC hiring manager looking for highly-vetted talent to fill full-time roles at your fund
  • A VC fund looking for talent to help fill roles at your portfolio companies
  • A VC fund looking for temporary help with special projects or diligence via our GoingVC Partner Services Program

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