Our Values

GoingVC’s core values are rooted in its people, process, and product

The success of our program is influenced by our core values, which include:

Following A Team First Approach

  • We believe in good karma, people that join GVC should know how to build non-transactional relationships that foster positivity and teamwork
  • GVC team members should understand the importance of collaboration - we work on lean and efficient teams, communication is key to effective teamwork
  • All team members must put the mission of the company first - creating this vision is not an individual mission, but a mission that reflects on the success of the GVC team
  • We give credit to team members where credit is due, we value giving recognition to those that execute phenomenal work

Being Action Oriented

  • People that join GVC should perform from day one as a self-starter, initiating and carrying out tasks to completion with minimal assistance
  • Being action-oriented is essential to sustaining the business, GVC members must take seriously leading and supporting their deliverables, at the same time, however, make sure to ask for help when necessary
  • GVC members understand that there are always deliverables to meet, that is why we value our members that take initiative.

Respecting & Representing Diversity

  • People that join GVC understand the importance of diversity and work diligently to attract members from different work backgrounds, races and socioeconomic statuses
  • It is also important that all GVC members create an inclusive environment and expansive community that uplifts those from non-traditional backgrounds
  • GVC team members celebrate each other's differences and create space for everyone’s voice to be heard - we are constant learners and empathetic listeners

Embracing Humility

  • People that join GVC should perform for the greater good of the team, sustaining and maintaining long-term yet transferrable results, not gregarious trends
  • GVC members must respect the contributions of all team members while working to take into account varying perspectives and ideas - we can all contribute to the growth of GVC
  • We are not perfect, and we must understand that mistakes help us learn and grow - try not to be too hard on yourself or your team members