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GoingVC Partners brings a global community of investors, operators, and domain experts to your company.

As a unique entity, we are able to leverage our partnership with the professional development program, GoingVC, to access a vast, global network of both young and experienced investors to source, track, diligence, invest in, and support startups – not just in the epicenters of tech and innovation – but around the world.

In this way, GoingVC Partners acts as a catalyst to help launch both the businesses we invest in, as well as the VC careers of many of the members of GoingVC. And, vitally, as our network of these new founders and investors expands, these beginnings we are able to facilitate are amplified.

We invest early and like to stick with our startups for the long-haul – reserving follow-on capital for growth rounds down the road. That being said, we tend to favor opportunities post-MVP, with early demonstrable traction.

We look for compelling, digital technology companies across a range of industries, led by bold founders, with deep domain expertise, who we think will lead these industries into tomorrow. We are particularly interested in the following themes: DevOps/DevTools, Marketplaces, Enterprise software, Tech-enabled services, DeepTech, Mobility.

Our network spans 15 countries and 80 cities across the world. While a majority of our investments are US-based, we occasionally invest abroad if the opportunity is compelling and we feel we can add value. We have also invested in companies targeting the European, Asian and LatAm market.

As of now, GVC Partners will not lead any deal and will aim to syndicate investments into the companies it backs.

We Invest More than Capital

We offer portfolio company support that begins during fundraising, but does not stop when capital is in the bank.

Investor, Customer and Expert Introductions from our Strong and Ever-growing Global Network

GoingVC has connections with a global network of over 3,000 investors that have interacted with our Flagship Program, as well as operators and experts, which allows us to perform due diligence faster, invest in companies across many sectors and geographies and add value beyond investment.
We have trained 450+ professionals through our flagship program, spanning 15+ countries, over 50% of whom joined top VCs like First Round Capital, Floodgate, Shasta, and Salesforce Ventures. Our network is constantly growing through the new investors we educate and the angels, mentors, speakers, co-investors and experts we engage each year. These contacts can be a game changer for how quickly founders can close their rounds, raise a future one, gather industry-specific insights or succeed with customer acquisition.

Finding and Hiring Top Talent

We can help by giving you access to our vast network of qualified professionals who could be suitable for your roles. We can also publish your roles in our newsletters to drive more applicants to you.

Marketing and getting the word out

We offer portfolio companies the possibility to connect with over 30,000 subscribers and followers of our newsletters and other channels.
This could translate into publishing your marketing materials in our newsletter to help you reach more people, publish company updates that you would like to advertise to a larger audience and more.

Pitch us

As of now, GVC Partners will not lead any deal and will aim to syndicate investments into the companies it backs.

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