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GoingVC Partners is the independent investment vehicle founded by the GVC Team

As a unique entity, we are able to leverage our partnership with the professional development program, GoingVC, to access a vast, global network of both young and experienced investors to source, track, diligence, invest in, and support startups – not just in the epicenters of tech and innovation – but around the world.

In this way, GoingVC Partners acts as a catalyst to help launch both the businesses we invest in, as well as the VC careers of many of the members of GoingVC. And, vitally, as our network of these new founders and investors expands, these beginnings we are able to facilitate are amplified.

We invest early and like to stick with our startups for the long-haul – reserving follow-on capital for growth rounds down the road.

We look for compelling companies across a range of industries, led by founders who we think will lead these industries into tomorrow.

Our network spans 7 countries and 40 cities across the world. While a majority of our investments are
US-based, we occasionally invest abroad if the opportunity is compelling and we feel we can add value.

As of now, GVC Partners will not lead any deal and will aim to syndicate investments into the companies it backs.

Our Investments

How Our Platform Works

As part of the GoingVC Program, members are given the option to participate in the Investor Program which gives them the opportunity to source, pitch, and diligence real-world startup deals – some of which GVC Partners may invest in.

Localized & Diverse Dealflow
Through this relationship, GoingVC participants are able to gain invaluable experience within the world of startup investing, learning what it feels like to work on a deal and interact with founders, while simultaneously, GVC Partners is able to tap into a worldwide deal flow pipeline, with boots on the ground in startup ecosystems across the globe.

Meaningful Support
Leveraging GoingVC participants, a majority of which come from backgrounds such as investment banking, entrepreneurship, or venture capital itself, GVC Partners can offer its portfolio companies substantial support in whatever challenges come their way. Additionally, with an engaged network of over 400 VCs, Angel Investors, and LPs, we can help bring in new money when the time is right.

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