Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you looking for?

We’re seeking people who have a demonstrated passion for and persistence in pursuing a career in venture capital. If you’re admitted, we are expecting you to give first, show up, work hard, contribute, and ultimately make the group better.
People who have been admitted to the first 7 cohorts of GoingVC have come from a variety of academic backgrounds and career paths, including from tech companies like Zynga, Uber, Amazon, and Google.
We’ve also had GoingVC members that are finishing up their college degrees, and we’ve had other members that are further along in their career.
We’ve had former engineers, entrepreneurs, angel investors, bankers, and everyone in between.
Last but certainly not least, we’ve had more than a few existing VCs join themselves.

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Can I participate in the program while I’m working or going to school?

Yes! It’s a part-time program and the majority of participants are working full-time, interning with a VC firm, or going to school while they participate in the program.

Is the program valuable for someone who is interested in VC in a specific region or city?

You’re going to find the most VC activity and job opportunities on the coasts. That being said, we’ve have members who were not on the coasts join the program and subsequently break into the VC business.

When are the weekly live video classes or networking chats with VCs?

The live video chats will be on the same day/time each week (typically Wednesday nights). We also record every chat so you can listen/watch them on your computer or on your phone whenever you want.

Is GoingVC US focused?

While most GoingVC participants are based in the US, the program is open to anyone. Keep in mind, however, that our weekly calls with VCs, as well as other program calls and events happen late in US time zones (usually EST) – so it is difficult for someone based in Europe, Asia, or elsewhere to join live.

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What if I can’t afford the program? Is there any kind of financial aid available?

Yes! We strive to make GoingVC accessible to all, regardless of their current financial situation.
GoingVC offers scholarships in different amounts and we've partnered with Climb to provide payment plans and loans.

You can apply for the scholarship during the application process.

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How old should I be to participate in the GoingVC Program?

People apply in all stages of career and with all professional backgrounds. In short, there is no “perfect” age to participate in the GoingVC program. It is more a question of what you want to get out of it, and if you think we will be able to provide that for you. (We hope we can!)

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How much time am I expected to commit each week at a minimum?

We expect members to commit a minimum of 10 hours per week undertaking coursework to have successful program completion.

What does the curriculum include and what is the format of the program?

The curriculum will cover VC basics, deal sourcing, due diligence, investment theses, diversity & inclusion, personal branding, the optional investor program, and more.

Does the program include investing experience?

Yes. Members will have the opportunity to join GoingVC’s Investor Program, giving you direct experience with sourcing and evaluating deals.

Can I invite someone to join GoingVC Angels?

Yes, of course. You can invite anyone you think would like to join by sharing this link and asking them to fill out the application form. It’s important to note we only consider applications from accredited investors.

Is there a cost for joining GoingVC Angels?

No. GoingVC Angels is free.

What do I get as a member?

As a GoingVC Angel you will receive deal-flow from us each week. These are opportunities we are actively looking at. You will also receive information on deals we plan to syndicate and invitations to join our syndicate events. You will also get the opportunity to join our GoingVC Angels community platform to receive education content and join live lectures, events and fireside chats.

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Do I have to be an accredited investor to join GoingVC Angels?

Yes. We only accept accredited investors.

Is there a time commitment?

Not necessarily. It is entirely up to you how much time you invest. We encourage you to review deal-flow frequently and join our monthly syndicate events. We also host monthly live lectures and fireside chats.

Who should apply?

Any accredited investor who is interested in investing in early stage companies should apply.

What happens once I apply?

We will review your application and let you know within one month whether you will be admitted into the community.

Is there a minimum investment for deals?

Yes. $2,500.

What type of opportunities do you see?

We see opportunities from a range of industries, both tech and non-tech related.

How do you receive deals and vet opportunities?

We receive opportunities on a weekly basis from our group of dedicated scouts all over the world. These opportunities are first reviewed by our team of Principals who currently work at VC firms and then passed on to GoingVC’s investor team. The investor team includes a dedicated due diligence specialist who conducts further research into each opportunity.

How old should I be to participate in the GoingVC Program?

The majority of GoingVC members are in their late 20’s / early 30’s, typically 3-5 years into their careers and/or completing an MBA or related graduate degree. That said, we have had a number of members come through our program who recently exited undergrad, as well as a number who were much later into their careers and looking to make a transition into the VC field or simply grow their knowledge and networks within the space.

In short, there is no “perfect” age to participate in the GoingVC program. It is more a question of what you want to get out of it, and if you think we will be able to provide that for you. (We hope we can!)

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Who have you co-invested with?

Some notable investors we have invested alongside include Founders Fund, Insight Venture Partners, Lightspeed’s Scout Fund and Slow Ventures.

What is the Research Library?

The Research Library is a collection of in-depth research written by subject-matter guest contributors and the GoingVC Team.

How do I get access to the research?

You can get access to all our research by being a Research Library Premium Member. To get started, simply create an account at goingvc.com/membership-pricing for a 12 month membership with your name and email address.

Why do I need to be a member?

You’ll be the first to know about our newest research as a Research Library Member. As a paid member, you will be able to get access to the GoingVC Angel Investing Classroom to help you become a better investor.

Who are the researchers?

Research is performed by the GoingVC Team unless stated otherwise on guest contributor research pieces.

How do I use the Research Library?

After logging in, you can browse through the guides, white-papers, investment theses, and excel models you need. All research files are available for download.

How do I get access to the GoingVC Angel Investing Classroom?

After logging in, go into the course from the Research Library homepage. If it’s your first time, you will need to sign up with your email on our learning management system embedded on the course page.

Who can I contact for help?

Please shoot an email to team@goingvc.com if you have trouble getting access to the Research Library or Angel Investing Classroom.