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Interested in Building your Angel Portfolio but…

Not sure where to find interesting startups?
Not sure where to find interesting startups?
Not familiar with measuring and managing risk?
Not familiar with measuring and managing risk?
Unaware of how to structure an early stage deal?
Unaware of how to structure an early stage deal?
Inexperienced with the necessary diligence process?

With GoingVC Angels, you will get all your answers!

GoingVC Angels is separate to GoingVC’s Flagship Program and accepts new applicants on a rolling basis.

What is GoingVC Angels?

The Problem

Angel investors often struggle to generate high-quality deal flow, find the time to perform detailed due diligence and lack the tools needed to manage their portfolio risk.

This leads to a high failure rate and loss of hard-earned capital.

The Solution

GoingVC Angels is designed to help aspiring and current Angel Investors develop a robust process to build their investment portfolio by providing tools, resources, and deal flow.

The best part?
It’s completely free, so you have unlimited upside!

About GoingVC Angels

Not only a network, but a community

Get plugged into a network of global angel investors. Have the chance to learn, share and teach.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to be a valuable investor – we all do better when the founders we’re invested in and their companies are doing well. Empowering founders is easier when their investors (you) are doing your best.

Some of our Co-Investors

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Applying to GoingVC Angels

We will review applications once submitted. Only exceptional applicants with strong backgrounds and extensive industry experience will be considered.

Please see the section on who we’re looking for to learn more.

We will reach out to you within 1-3 weeks of submitting the application if you are admitted.

Who we’re looking for

Exceptionally talented entrepreneurs, operators, investors or experienced tech executives.

All members must fulfill investor accreditation requirements as per the SEC’s guidelines.

More about Goingvc

What is GoingVC?

GoingVC is a professional development program that aims to help professionals take the next step in their VC career.

What is GoingVC Partners?

GoingVC Partners is the independent investment vehicle founded by the GoingVC Team which is currently leading syndicate investments into early-stage startup opportunities.