Oct 15, 2020
Program Updates

Announcing the Launch of the GoingVC Podcast!

GoingVC Team

Now available on the below podcast services:

What is it?

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the GoingVC podcast!  Each episode will focus on different topics from industry leaders and frankly, incredible people. Topics range from how to set yourself up for successfully breaking into the industry to in-depth discussions about the influence of alternative models and how the industry is changing, among so many others. In the end, we hope to bring to light many of the tremendous areas of VC as we and our guests see them.

Why are we doing this?

The mission of GoingVC is to help bring transparency to the Venture Capital industry. To that effect, we believe a podcast represents a new and exciting platform for us to educate aspiring VCs and bring to light the most interesting topics that need discussing within the industry.

What can listeners expect?

This is not your typical VC podcast, so don’t expect to hear about fund performance, the discovery of unicorns, and how to generate wealth as a VC.

We intend to cover a diverse set of topics, talk the truth about the VC industry, help uncover non-traditional paths into the industry, and hope to discover new models and improvements for the industry’s future.

To that end, we’ve lined up an incredible list of guests for our inaugural season and we’re excited to bring you our conversations!

How do we listen?

You can find the podcast on all the major podcast directories including: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Or grab the RSS feed and use the client of your choice.

New episodes will be released every other Monday.

Interested in being a guest? Want to let us know topics we should cover? Let us know at Podcast@GoingVC.com. Enjoy and thanks in advance for listening and supporting us.

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