Sep 16, 2021
Venture Capital

5 Venture Capital Newsletters to Help Boost Your Skills

Bram Berkowitz

Venture capital is one of those jobs that requires you to learn every single day. An aspiring VC must be on top of industry trends that are constantly changing, as well as the technical aspects of VC such as structuring cap tables, evaluating investments, and understanding how investments are made. That’s why at GoingVC we tell aspiring VCs to take advantage of every available resource they can get their hands on. 

Newsletters geared toward VC are one of those resources that are particularly beneficial because they cover the daily news, and also allow you to gain insight into how some of the best and brightest VCs think. Following the best and actively staying on top of the industry will not only help you get a job in VC but will also enable you to succeed in what can be a challenging and competitive career path. Here are five newsletters that will boost your VC skills.

1. Andreessen Horowitz

If you’re interested in VC, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Andreessen Horowitz, one of the biggest and most well-known VC firms in the game. Not only is Andreessen one of the best startup investors, but they are also really, really good at content and offer a whole slate of newsletters that aspiring VCs can take advantage of. 

The company offers a future newsletter, where innovators talk about where tech and innovation are headed. Then there’s also enterprise, fintech, crypto, and bio newsletters. Andreessen also announced at the very start of this year that the firm is building its own media property that will cover the future of tech and innovation, so there is much more content to come from this powerhouse. VC is all about spotting trends and understanding the industries you are investing in. Andreessen Horowitz’s newsletters and content will help you with this aspect of VC.

2. Benedict Evans

A former partner at Andreessen Horowitz, Benedict Evans helps readers break through the clutter to look at what actually happened in tech and what it really means. Once a week, Evans sends out his thoughts to more than 150,000 people, largely talking about current events and what to make of them. 

Again, to be a good venture capitalist you need to be able to read beyond the headlines and spot the stories nobody is talking about, but are hugely important. Benedict’s newsletter will help you get into this habit of reading between the lines.

3. John Gannon’s Blog

We’re obviously a bit biased here as John Gannon founded GoingVC and is one of our fearless leaders. But ask around and most VC veterans would agree that Gannon’s newsletter and blog is one of the best available tools to help you boost your skills. 

Not only does Gannon’s newsletter conduct a VC salary survey and frequently share VC job openings, but it also talks a lot about how to land a job in VC or at a startup. Past posts have talked about how not all startup revenue is created equal, the diligence trap, and how to make yourself invaluable to a VC firm. Gannon’s newsletter is a must-read if you’re in the VC world or want to be.

4. Femstreet

There’s always a lot of talk about growing diversity in VC, but if you’re really going to make a difference, you should probably start by trying to acquaint yourself with some of those diverse groups trying to get more representation in the broader VC community. Femstreet can help you learn more about the women currently leading, shaping, and funding VC. 

Femstreet sends out a weekly newsletter filled with posts by female investors and operators. Additionally, the newsletter’s founder, Sarah Nockel, has loads of experience as a VC herself, so you won’t want to miss any of her posts.

5. AVC Newsletter

Written by Fred Wilson, the founder of the premier VC firm Union Square Ventures, AVC is Fred’s personal diary that allows him to “think out loud,” while sharing his thoughts with everybody. Fred writes about all things VC, but in a very personal style, allowing readers to really get inside Wilson’s brilliant mind and see how he thinks about what’s going on in the VC and startup world. Recent posts talk about diversification, office utilization at portfolio companies, VC investor relations, and Wilson’s investments and why he chose to make those investments.

There are many more newsletters depending on your geographic region and industry of focus. However, this curated list ensures that no two newsletters are exactly alike, and each one will give you a unique perspective from different voices in the industry. And with such variety, you’re bound to find helpful content from several areas, and before you know it, you’ll be a top VC industry expert yourself!

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