May 16, 2024
Venture Capital

GoingVC Alumnus Launches Myriad Venture Partners with $200 Million Fund


xciting developments have taken place in the venture capital landscape as Myriad Venture Partners makes its     debut with a substantial $200 million fund. Spearheaded by Tim Chiang, an alumnus of GoingVC Cohort 3, Chris Fisher and Dean Mai.  Myriad backs founders who will define the future of business solutions, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI), clean technology, and B2B software investments. 

Strategic Foundations and Vision for Growth

Myriad Venture Partners isn't just another VC firm; it's a beacon of strategic innovation. With Chris Fisher's finance, legal and strategy experiences, and experience as a former senior executive at Xerox, Tim Chiang’s extensive corporate and investing experience, and his expertise and network from GoingVC, and Dean Mai’s extensive corporate, investing and R&D experience, the partnership goes beyond capital investment. Myriad provides unparalleled access to a broad network of industry leaders and cutting-edge technologies. This network is more than a resource; it's a dynamic ecosystem intended to propel portfolio companies into new realms of possibility and market leadership.   

The goal is ambitious yet clear: to nurture and grow about 35 innovative companies that can lead and disrupt their respective sectors. Early investments in Seurat Technologies, which is pioneering in green manufacturing, LinkSquares, which leads in AI-driven legal tech, and Anvilogic, which brings true multi-data platform security to market, underscore Myriad's commitment to transformative sectors that are expected to dictate the pace of business evolution. 

Unique Investment Philosophy and Impact

What truly sets Myriad apart is its investment philosophy. Beyond mere financial support, Myriad is crafting a symbiotic ecosystem where startups and corporate behemoths both thrive. The firm meticulously selects companies that show potential for high returns and align with its broader vision of driving systemic business solution innovation. This approach ensures that investments are impactful and capable of leading market transformations.

The Power of Partnerships

A significant advantage for Myriad is its Corporate Advisory Council, which includes industry giants like Xerox and HCLTech. This council actively participates in opening commercial partnerships and go-to-market strategies. As a result, portfolio companies benefit from capital and have a platform for validation and strategic advice, providing a robust springboard for market entry and scaling.

Navigating Current and Future Market Dynamics

In the current economic landscape marked by volatile market conditions and shifting investment priorities, Myriad's strategic positioning is particularly significant. By backing companies defining the future of business solutions, Myriad aligns itself with the necessity for continuous adaptation and disruption in the business world. This approach capitalizes on current market dynamics while also preparing for future shifts, particularly in high-demand areas like clean tech and AI.

Long-Term Vision and Industry Impact

The launch of Myriad Venture Partners is a watershed moment in venture capital, highlighting how strategic foresight, combined with robust industry partnerships, can reshape entire industries. Under the leadership of Chris Fisher, Tim Chiang and Dean Mai, Myriad is investing in startups and on a larger scale, fostering the next generation of market leaders. This vision positions Myriad as a pivotal player in the venture capital field, ready to leverage its unique assets to create lasting impact across multiple sectors.

For entrepreneurs and companies in AI, clean tech, and B2B software, Myriad offers a compelling proposition: a partnership that extends beyond funding to include market insight, strategic alignment, and access to a broad network of industry influencers. This comprehensive support system is designed to accelerate growth, innovation, and market presence, setting Myriad and its partners apart in today’s competitive environment.

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