Jan 11, 2021
Due Diligence

GoingVC Research: Moat: Model Fit - How VCs Can Identify the Newest and Strongest Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace

GoingVC Team

In our latest paper we start by asking the question, “What makes one company better than another?” and dive into what company value really means by looking at how competitive advantages turn into cash flows. We also discuss in detail how companies should align its operating and business models to their competitive advantage to create a sustainable moat.

We also position network effects as the most compelling competitive advantage available to companies and demonstrate how companies can boost the power of its network effects driven advantage with AI/ML.

Included in the paper

  • How to understand and define company “value”
  • The difference between the business model and the operating model
  • How to match business and operating models to the competitive advantage
  • Why Network Effects are the best competitive advantage
  • How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can hyper charge network effects
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