Sep 6, 2021
Angel Investing

What To Look For In A Founder Pitch

GoingVC Team


Active Angel Investors can see hundreds of opportunities a year, so in addition to having a robust due diligence process, knowing what to expect and look for in a pitch deck can help with efficiency. Ultimately, it comes down to a degree of personal preference when it comes to reviewing pitch decks: do you prefer visuals? Lots of data? Specific content? Below we create some guidelines for best practices in order to establish the minimum criteria Angels should seek in a founder pitch. At the end of the pitch, investors should feel like they’re acquired some unique knowledge - and should be able to see where their own backgrounds can create additional value.

Cover All the Bases

The pitch should contain all the relevant information that gives the investor the full context of the company: the who, what, why, and how. Of course, the order of these is less relevant as long as the founder is able to cover, coherently and precisely, each component within their pitch.

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