GoingVC Program

Want to build a career in venture capital?

GoingVC was purposefully built to give you a deep understanding of venture capital fundamentals, access to a strong VC community, real-world investment experience, and access to more opportunities to help you land your dream job in venture capital.
To date, 51.4% of GoingVC members either have worked or are currently working in VC, an accelerator program, or venture studio when starting their cohort, or have found such work after their cohort began.

Why join GoingVC?

Decades of collective experience in the VC and startup world drove how we’ve built the GoingVC Program – around five central pillars that we know are collectively the most important for you to focus on as you grow your venture capital career
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Regardless of your background, our 16-week curriculum is designed to give you a much deeper understanding of the VC industry, as well as the practical skillset you need to be confident working in the field.
As part of the program, you'll have opportunities to:
Complete a 16 week course focused on the fundamentals of VC
You’ll learn how to conduct due diligence, draft investment memos, build cap tables, interpret term sheets, read financial models, and much more.
Participate in VC and industry-led lectures
Each module within our curriculum is supplemented by prominent VC investors, who offer their perspective on the material you’re covering.
Develop your own investment thesis
Having deep expertise in a specific sector or industry can help you stand out from the crowd. Having an opinion on where that sector or industry is headed is even better. We’ll help you with both.
Master the everyday language of venture capital
The VC and startup world is full of terminology you’ve likely never come across in other positions. Our curriculum will help you understand these terms and talk like an investor in your interviews.


We believe the best way to learn is by doing. As a member of GoingVC, you’ll have a chance to participate in our Investor Program, which in conjunction with our investment vehicle, GoingVC Partners, places you in a role with many of the same responsibilities a VC Associate would have – thereby allowing you to do the job, before you have the job.
Joining the investor program will let you:
Source Real World Startup Deals
With GoingVC behind you, you’ll have a chance to approach early-stage founders and evaluate their businesses in regards to a potential investment.
Pitch Investment Opportunities To An Investment Committee
Our investment team consists of GoingVC alumni who now work in venture capital, as well as members of the core GVC team with deep experience in the field. You’ll be able to pitch the team in a low-stakes setting, preparing you for similarly-styled partner meetings at VC funds
Learn How To Effectively Diligence Early Stage Startups
As a member of the investor program, we will guide you through the diligence process and expose you to the types of questions that need to be answered when considering a VC deal.
Join the Investment Process Alongside our Investment Team
To date, GoingVC has deployed hundreds of thousands of dollars into startups sourced by members within the Investor Program. You’ll have a front row seat to these transactions.


A majority of GoingVC members enter our program with one goal in mind, to land a role in venture capital. As a member of our program, our dedicated career services team will provide you with as much support as possible to help you reach that goal.
GoingVC members are:
Given Access To Exclusive Job Opportunities
Our team leverages both the GoingVC community as well as our extended external network to find under-the-radar VC positions – sometimes before they are even public – giving you a leg-up on the job hunt right out of the gate.
Matched With VC Roles That Fit Their Goals
If you see a role you are interested in, our Career Services team will help you do the leg work upfront, finding you connections at the firms you want to apply to.
Given Professional Feedback On Their Resumes
Getting a role in venture capital is about a lot more than how your resume looks, but having a good one certainly helps. Our community will help you refine it so your “front page” gets the attention of hiring managers.
Better Prepared For VC Interviews
Even the best candidates in the world won’t get far if they have a bad interview. Our team and community within GoingVC are there to help you ace the interview by walking you through mock sessions before the big day.
Given Access To Exclusive Interim Positions At VC Funds Around The World
Through our GoingVC Partner Services program we work exclusively with VC funds to match our most active and engaged members with small projects and initiatives such funds need assistance with. While this temporary work is not a guaranteed path to a full-time role, it will give you a chance to prove your value to the fund, making you top-of-mind should they eventually look to hire.


One of the things our members and alumni consistently tell us is the best part of the GoingVC program is the community of people that exist within it. Our community is made up of some of the best and brightest in their fields. It is welcoming, engaged, and helpful on a daily basis – so becoming a part of it will significantly help position you for success.
Joining our community will allow you to:
Tap Into Exponential Success
The GoingVC community is constantly growing and improving. As more and more of our members and alumni are successful in finding VC roles, this creates exclusive ties between GoingVC and funds around the world. We believe this growing network will allow you to be increasingly more successful in your own job search.
Become A Part Of A Like-Minded Peer Group With A Singular Goal
The VC job search is hard. We think it’s easier when you have the support of hundreds of other people who are in your shoes, or who know exactly what it’s like to be in them.
Gain Support From Our Tight-Knit Alumni Network
GoingVC alumni are already working at some of the top firms around the world. As a member, you’ll have lifelong support from this network no matter where you go. Thus, by joining GoingVC, you’ll automatically be adding dozens of VC professionals to your inner circle.


The external GoingVC network is vast and includes VC professionals from all over the world. As a member of the program, you’ll have opportunities to interact with many of them, forming relationships that will last your entire career.
GoingVC will give you a chance to:
Grow Your VC Network Over Time
We’ll help you build VC relationships confidently, even if you’re nervous about reaching out or making a bad impression. And even after the program ends, these connections could translate to direct referrals to jobs at venture capital firms.
Attend Investor Meetups And Events
GoingVC frequently runs both in-person and virtual networking events for members and alumni. Some of these events include happy hours, VC dinners, and VC panels.
Participate In Video Calls With Active Investors
In addition to our more formal VC lectures that are part of our curriculum, GoingVC also runs less frequent VC roundtable discussions where you’ll have a chance to speak with investors on a range of different topics in a casual setting.
Strengthen Relationships with VCs Through Our Mentorship Program
An optional aspect of GoingVC is our Mentorship Program, which connects you with a single VC professional in our network who will chat with you, one-on-one, as you go through the program and your job search.
Applications for Cohort 9 for Fall 2021 are now closed.
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How to Apply

Step 1

Click on “Apply Now” button below

Step 2

Schedule an initial screening interview with a cohort alum

Step 3

Acceptance into the program or potential secondary call with our team to assess whether the program is a good fit for your career and future goals 

Applications for Cohort 9 for Fall 2021 are now closed!

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Cohort 9

Fall 2021
August 23rd - December 10th


Cohort 10

Spring 2022
February 14th - June 3rd


Week 1
An Introduction to GoingVC
Week 2
Venture Capital Basics
Week 3
Creating your Investment Thesis
Week 4
The VC Interviewing and Hiring Process
Week 5
Due Diligence Overview
Week 6
Joining the Investor Program
Week 7
Week 8
Evaluating Business Models & Key Metrics
Week 9
Personal Branding
Week 10
Financial Modeling and Due Diligence
Week 11
The Importance of D&I and Founder Empathy in VC
Week 12
Capitalization Tables and Valuation Methods
Week 13
Term Sheets
Week 14
Company Building & Portfolio Company Management
Week 15
The Anatomy of an Exit
Week 16
Raising a Fund
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“From the people in your cohort to those who have come before you, everyone is more than willing to help each other achieve the same result - gain an edge in wanting to become a great VC.”

Sohail Jooma
Cohort 5

“This program has lit a fire in me and given me access / exposure to much of the VC world that I would not have been able to see otherwise.”

Bryce Dabbs
Cohort 6

“GoingVC is an incredible, well-rounded platform to help individuals break into venture capital. Not only did it provide a proprietary method to learning about new job opportunities, but it was instrumental in the work of strengthening my skillsets and widening my network with talented individuals, which ultimately led to successful placement at a prominent venture capital firm.”

Jake Simon
Fontinalis Partners
Cohort 1

“I was a member of Going VC’s inaugural class and got more out of it than I anticipated. I originally wanted to grow my network of VCs so that I could get advice and techniques on how to increase my chances of being hired by a VC. After each session, I reached out to the speaker and asked to connect over the phone or coffee. The follow-up conversations gave me the opportunity to share my focus and to give the VCs an idea of what types of roles I was looking for. Many of the GoingVC speakers are still in my network and have helped me decide on job offers and provided me with deal flow.”

Earnest Sweat
Prologis Ventures
Cohort 1

“I got exactly what I wanted from GoingVC”

Laura Zaim
New Crop Capital
Cohort 2

“The weekly VC talks were a great way to get some insider perspective and build an initial network that you can work with.”

Kartikeya Gupta
Corporate VC
Cohort 2

“I had been trying for a year to break in and have interviewed over 15 places and got rejected at the first round in all. Post GoingVC, was 3-3 in securing final rounds, and I don't even think I absorbed all that the community had to offer.”

Akshay Bhushan
Tola Capital
Cohort 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you looking for?
We’re seeking people who have a demonstrated passion for and persistence in pursuing a career in venture capital. If you’re admitted, we are expecting you to give first, show up, work hard, contribute, and ultimately make the group better.People who have been admitted to the first 7 cohorts of GoingVC have come from a variety of academic backgrounds and career paths, including from tech companies like Zynga, Uber, Amazon, and Google.We’ve also had GoingVC members that are finishing up their college degrees, and we’ve had other members that are further along in their career. We’ve had former engineers, entrepreneurs, angel investors, bankers, and everyone in between.Last but certainly not least, we’ve had more than a few existing VCs join themselves.
What percentage of your alums have ended up in VC, and where did they land jobs?
51.4% of people who completed GoingVC had a job in venture within a year of going through the program – a rate that is many times higher than what you’d see at a top business school. Alums have landed at various venture capital firms, both financial and corporate, including:
  • Tola Capital
  • 500 Startups
  • Fontinalis Partners
  • New Crop Capital
  • Dorm Room Fund
  • Plug and Play Ventures
  • GC Innovation America
  • Shasta Ventures
  • …and more
We also have had existing VCs and investors join the program. Though – since they already have VC positions – their primary goals are often different than many of our other members, they are nevertheless a critical part of the GoingVC experience as they can add unique perspectives, a deeper understanding of the industry, and existing networks to our ecosystem – all while building up their own.
Can I participate in the program while I’m working or going to school?
Yes! It’s a part-time program and the majority of participants are working full-time, interning with a VC firm, or going to school while they participate in the program.
Is the program valuable for someone who is interested in VC in a specific region or city?
You’re going to find the most VC activity and job opportunities on the coasts. That being said, we’ve have members who were not on the coasts join the program and subsequently break into the VC business.
When are the weekly live video classes or networking chats with VCs?
The live video chats will be on the same day/time each week (typically Wednesday nights). We also record every chat so you can listen/watch them on your computer or on your phone whenever you want.
I’m interested in healthcare VC. Should I apply?
We may launch a healthcare-focused cohort in the future, but it’s not a focus for GoingVC at the moment.
Is GoingVC US focused?
While most GoingVC participants are based in the US, the program is open to anyone. Keep in mind, however, that our weekly calls with VCs, as well as other program calls and events happen late in US time zones (usually EST) – so it is difficult for someone based in Europe, Asia, or elsewhere to join live.
How much does the program cost?
Tuition for the GoingVC Program is $7999. Note, that once the 4-month long cohort is complete, you will become a GoingVC Alumni and retain access to all of the program’s resources, and still be invited to attend exclusive GVC live networking events. In this sense, you are paying for a lifetime membership.

We also offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re for any reason not happy or satisfied within the first 30 days of starting the program.
What if I can’t afford the program? Is there any kind of financial aid available?
Yes!We strive to make GoingVC accessible to all, regardless of their current financial situation.
With this in mind, we’ve created the GVC Scholarship fund, which, using 100% of the proceeds from your application fees, we distribute among GoingVC members most in need of financial support.

You can apply for the scholarship during the application process.
Who runs the program?
GoingVC was founded by Arno Niazi and John Gannon.

Arno is a serial entrepreneur who has built profitable companies, worked at Origin Ventures in Chicago as well as in a family office, and has 4 degrees – including an MBA from Chicago Booth.

John has mentored thousands of current and aspiring VCs through his VC Careers blog and newsletter over the last 10 years. He has been an advisor to a number of venture-backed startups including Concord (acquired by Akamai), Quantopian (backed by a16z, Bessemer, and Spark), and Wallaroo Labs (backed by Greycroft and others). He was Employee #1 at Turbonomic, which is now at the pre-IPO stage, and he has held product management and service leadership roles at leading tech companies like VMware, Amazon, and DigitalOcean.

We have a full team dedicated to our member’s success, which you can take a closer look at here!
How old should I be to participate in the GoingVC Program?
The majority of GoingVC members are in their late 20’s / early 30’s, typically 3-5 years into their careers and/or completing an MBA or related graduate degree. That said, we have had a number of members come through our program who recently exited undergrad, as well as a number who were much later into their careers and looking to make a transition into the VC field or simply grow their knowledge and networks within the space.

In short, there is no “perfect” age to participate in the GoingVC program. It is more a question of what you want to get out of it, and if you think we will be able to provide that for you. (We hope we can!)
When does the next cohort start and end?
Cohort 9 will begin on August 23rd and end December 10th.
How much time am I expected to commit each week at a minimum?
We expect members to commit a minimum of 10 hours per week undertaking coursework to have successful program completion.
What does the curriculum include and what is the format of the program?
The curriculum will cover VC basics, deal sourcing, due diligence, investment theses, diversity & inclusion, personal branding, the optional investor program, and more.
Does the program include investing experience?
Yes. Members will have the opportunity to join GoingVC’s Investor Program, giving you direct experience with sourcing and evaluating deals.
How much time do I have to accept my offer?
Applicants will be required to accept their offer and pay tuition within 10 business days of receiving your offer letter.